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Amelia O’Brien


Amelia provides remote bookkeeping services for clients from all around the state and predominantly works from her home office in Clare. She is also regularly on-site at BHC’s Linden Park office, meeting with clients and catching up with the rest of the BHC team.

In addition to her regular data-entry bookkeeping tasks, Amelia also connects with clients in areas including creditor management and supplier payments, debtor management and follow-up, payroll processing and STP reporting, general administration and communications, and the setting up and management of paperless filing systems.

Fun Facts

What motivates me to get up every morning is…

The knowledge that my clients rely on me and value what I do for them.

My one
obsession is…

Electronic filing! It’s so much easier to find what you’re looking for, and it frees up so much storage/office space (no ugly filing cabinets!) AND you can have multiple backups.

If I weren’t a bookkeeper,
I’d be…

An interior designer and decorator would be a great job.

People tell me I’m…

Outgoing, but I am actually extremely shy and an utter introvert (fake it ‘til you make it!).